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How to Play Against More Experienced Players

daniel-negreanuIf you have played online poker for a while, the chances are that you have faced a number of players of different qualities.

There will have been some weak players who you have taken everything from, yet there will also have been seasoned professionals who have caused you to lose your whole stack in an extremely small amount of time.

Meeting a better player than yourself is a daunting prospect but it is going to happen from time to time, so how can you ensure that you donít get taken to the cleanerís every single time this happens?

The most important aspect of your play when facing someone who is obviously experienced in the game is confidence, as they donít know that you are inexperienced compared to them. Have this confidence will ensure that they respect you from the very beginning and that they donít see you as easy prey.

You can portray confidence in a number of ways, but with online poker the best way to do this is through your betting patterns. Never be afraid to fold when you have a weak hand, but when you are strong bet as high as you dare Ė if you are called and win the other players will instantly know that you know what you are doing Ė even if you are slightly unsure of this fact yourself!

pokerstars-tableAnother common tactic to avoid big beats against a better player is to enter the game short stacked, which means that you start with an amount of chips that is much lower than the rest of the table. This serves a double purpose, with the first of these being that you are unable to lose too much if the whole game goes wrong.

Perhaps more importantly though, your small stack will mean that you arenít of much interest to the larger players, as they are going to want to attack the large stacks and make big money, therefore meaning that they could just forget about you for most of the game!

When playing online poker at www.pokerstars.co.uk, you will find a massive variety of different players, all with different skill levels. Find a level that you are comfortable with and stick with it, until you think that you have the necessary skills to move up to games with players with higher skills. If it doesnít work out, you can always drop down a level again!


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