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HORSE Strategy

This game is certainly not for beginners. There is no general strategy for HORSE since itís a combination of five poker games you have to be really familiar with each one of them. Each of them has their own way of determining a winner. For example, the winner in Eight or Better could be anyone who has the higher card but anyone who has a card combination lower than eight is also a winner.

There are certain games that can have only one winner while there are also some games that will have two winners. To be able to enjoy HORSE, you have to make sure you know the general rules and the game of poker inside and out.

HORSE stands for Holdem-Omaha/8-Razz-Stud-Eight or Better Stud, and is played with limit betting. HORSE events are considerably more complex if only because you need to know how to play five different games. But beyond that, the necessity of shifting gears in multiple ways, and the inclusion of the higher short-term skill games makes HORSE a challenging tournament to master. You must be keenly aware which game you are playing, and if the game has changed before you are aware of it. This can be disastrous, if not quite embarrassing.

Please consider mastering the strategies of all these games before attempting H.O.R.S.E. at any level.

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