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7 Card Stud Hi/Lo Strategy

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See 7 Card Stud Hi Lo Rules

7 Stud Hi/Lo Strategies

The basic strategies for 7 Stud Straight are basically the same along with the following.

The best and most profitable way to play hi-low 7 stud is to begin with combinations that play for the low hand.  Any pairs, trips, flush draws or straights that you may turn along the way are a bonus for scooping the entire pot.

Any combination of cards can turn into a great hand in a multi-way pot. Naturally a starting hand with more outs available is preferable. One thing to look for at a table when determining which side you want to play (hi or low) is if there are any players at the table taking stabs at playing for high with door-cards of 9 or higher when low cards at the table have called.

Especially look for callers playing 9, 10, J, Q, and K. You want to get a feel for what type of hand you will be competing with if you decide to play high and there are other callers with high cards. A table showing all door cards 9 or higher is the perfect opportunity for a scoop if the cards in your hand allow for playing a game of stud-hi.

Pay attention to each hand that is dealt at the table. Keep in mind that each round, the game strategy changes based on the door cards. At a table where all high cards are showing the only opportunity is to play for high, and the end result will most likely be a scoop of the entire pot.

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