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5 Card Stud Strategy

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Five Card Stud Strategies

Five Card Stud is mostly a game of high cards and pairs. You will not find this game played very often at any online poker room. The most likely scenario where you will see a game similar to this is when you are playing Caribbean Stud Poker. In this case, you are basically playing the dealer in 5 card stud with slight rules variations.

Of course, stud poker means that the cards that you receive off of the deal are the only cards you get to play with. The obvious strategies involve how you bet your hand against your opponents. A lot of this depends on the odds of getting a certain hand. You have slightly less then 50/50 odds overall of receiving a pair in your 5 card hand.

However, you don't get all of your cards at once when you play the traditional 5 card stud. Therefore, players will usually stay in the hand for at least the first 3 cards dealt. By that time, you give yourself enough time to hit something or realise that you can't bet or call on your hand.

It is not advisable to play for straights and flushes unless you have three cards to a straight flush on third street, or when you luck into a straight or flush draw with your fourth card.

Five card poker strategy comes down to what cards are showing

With only one down card, it is easier than most games to put your opponents on hands. Pay close attention to how they each play. Usually don't start without either a pair or at least one live card that beats the board. Fold if you do not have at least a pair in the first three cards. Almost always fold when you are beaten on the board and do not have a good draw to the best hand. Donít play low cards in the hole, and if thatís all you have against apparent strong hands then fold.

Beware of paired door cards which can often mean trips if it is a low pair. It may be good to get caught bluffing once in a while. This is a way of varying your play by not being too predictable. You lose a few chips when it does not work, but can pay off big when you get called. Remember always look for reasons to fold early, when someone else gets the card you wanted or you suspect you are trying to beat a better hand.

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